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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

This is Julissa at age 2 months. She's just staring at that tickle thing and waiting for it to attack her.

Here is Julissa being held by her uncle Robbie. Can't you just hear her asking: "He's my uncle? Really?"

She is wearing the little outfit I knit for her. It is a zip up the back sweater. The pattern is at I designed the little teddy bear on the front and added the pocket. I also made matching leggings. The ribbing on the hood keeps it close to her head as she grows. The little point on top actually curves toward the front with a little pixie curl. When she is about 2 there will no longer be a point on top of the hood but it fits her well even when she is so tiny. She was a few weeks early and is just now 7 lbs.