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Monday, February 25, 2008

We had camera trouble this Christmas but managed to get these 2 photos before the camera died of lack of battery. Later, after a little recharging we got the sleepy photo.

That's Julissa's Aunt Tierra with her second cousin, Kahlil.

The babies' New Years Resolution--get rid of the pacifiers. It only took three days and a stern lecture to the older kids to stop putting them in the babies mouths.

My Great granddaughter on her first birthday looking over some of her gifts. I love the look of surprise on her face.

Mom couldn't stand to watch her blow out her candle on a cupcake on her actual birth date. We had her party a few days later.

enjoying the smash cake at her party.

Julissa riding her "bike" on her birthday. Look at those teeth.

Kahlil showing Julissa how to steer the bike. Look what Julissa found to hold on to.

and a good time was had by all. Wow, look at Kahlil's teeth. What a difference being 4 months older makes.