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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Many years ago I made a patchwork Aran sweater that contained 19 different designs. Some of the patterns had 28 or more rows. Getting mixed up was soooooo easy. and that is what led to my development of my yarn row counter. Directions to make one were posted on Friday, April 28, 2006. Here are the directions for using them in an Aran design.

Make a row counter for each different design in the sweater. If a design is repeated in the sweater make 2 of them. Make the row counters as long as the number of rows in the design. For example, if there are 4 rows in the pattern, make a counter with 4 circles. If there are more than 10 rows in the pattern, make 2 10 row counters.

Now have available a convenient copy of each design in the sweater so you can refer to it. I like to copy the pattern on file cards either written out or a graph. I then put all the cards, in order, on a binder ring so I can flip them over. If a pattern is used more than once, I write out a separate card for each time it is used. Then on my set up row, I place a counter and place the card for that design face down, a second marker, the second card, etc. When finished I have the first row of each pattern finished. Each pattern separated by its own row counter with the correct number of rows in it, and the flip file of cards of the patterns.

Once everything is set up, I can sit with my flip cards and knit each design, flip the card and do the next one with the row counter telling me which row I am working.